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SHIP CHILD is ready for release... I think!

Will the friendship survive?

Will they?

Between the rogue AIs, the new IDs, and a doomsday device, Tal and Josue have a lot to deal with in this short story!

So I wrote it, and edited it, and finally came up with the cover for it… Then I read a book about writing cover copy (the description on the back of a book… or the Amazon page), and of course had to re-write the copy six or eight times.

But I think it’s finally ready to go.


Here it is:


Tal and Josue are giving up crime.


But thanks to their last little kidnapping adventure, they need to dump the kidnapee and grab new IDs to start their life of non-crime. If their contact is still reliable. If the kidnapee behaves. And if everything falls together the way it usually doesn’t.

Especially since everyone’s got a hidden agenda, and they’re all knocking up against each other.

And maybe up against a doomsday device.

Will Tal and Josue’s friendship survive?

Will they?

You’ll love this short space adventure with rogue AIs, robots, and mystery.


What do you think?

Let me know!

Revisiting an Old Friend

Having just moved my site, I had to go back and fix broken links to all my books on Holly Lisle’s forums … while I was doing that, I reread all my old blurbs and remembered just how fun Creeper was to write. It was my first… second completed novel (and the first shall never see the light of day, though it was great therapy at the time!)

It has magic and slavers and a reluctant heroine, and I thought I knew the ending until I wrote it and kept going.

A good reminder when I’m struggling that I might think I know the ending, but if I can just keep going I can write an even better story.

Have you discovered something similar?